About Us

Sade Abdul-Ahad known for her great sense of style has always been very passionate about fashion. Inspired by her husbands entrepreneurialism, they decided to come together to create a clothing line, Fola Sade. What started as just an Idea has now become a reality. Fola Sade shortened to Sade means "Honor earns a crown".  Honor, a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction. Distinction means being set apart, often by excellence.  Fola Sade exude's class and elegance, with an edge. All dresses are custom, handmade, and one of a kind. Sade makes all decisions on the type of fabrics, cuts, colors, as well as tailoring techniques! “I want women to feel as confident as I do, wearing one of our dresses!” Fola Sade pieces appeal to a wide range of curvy women.  We offer a dress for the conservative woman as well as the daring and risky woman. Each dress is inspired by the experience in the life of the creative director, Sade Abdul-Ahad.